Nobita Nobi, commonly called Nobita (born on August 7), is a 4th grade children, who are lazy, less intelligent in the lessons, often forget their homework and come late, often bullied Suneo and Giant and often scolded by his mother or teacher. To do a lot of things he had to borrow a tool of Doraemon. He memilkik good nature sometimes makes trouble. He is also often considered a coward.

Hobbies Nobita considered strange and unusual. Hobbies Nobita, ie sleeping, playing rubber strap, and shoot. He also liked to collect bottle caps. He has a lot of future goals, but after great he was just being a regular employee.

He also likes to keep an animal, but in secret. Examples of animals that once kept Nobita, ie cats, dogs, children typhoon named Fuko, dinosaurs, African elephants and much more. Nobita is the main character in the story Doraemon.