Nobi Nobita's father is Nobisuke (野 比 の び 郎) (born on March 12). He have the hobby of fishing and playing golf but not well understood. He had initially painted their future goals, even he never studied at a painter, but eventually he was just being an ordinary office workers. He have the desire to have the driver's license, but she has failed to get .It is also a person who likes to smoke and forgetful.

Nobita always asked to read a book, and not become like him. He also often gives Nobita stack of encyclopedias only used panajngan for Nobita.

Mother Nobita Nobi is Tamako (野 比 玉 子), neo Tamako Kataoka (片 岡 玉 子) (born on February 16). He often scolded Nobita when getting a value of 0 or is not doing his work at home. He have the hobby of flower arranging .It was originally a clever and not clever exercise. He does not like animals. If he sees Nobita bring animals or see the animals in her house she would throw him or scolding Nobita. He is often described as prontagonis.