Dorami (ドラミどらみ Dorami) (born on December 2, 2114) is the younger sister of Doraemon. She is yellow and has ears that resemble a large red bow. She happens to be about 2 years younger than Doraemon. Strangely enough, they are siblings due to the fact that they drank from the same oil can. She lives in 22nd-century Tokyo with Sewashi. She sometimes visits Nobita with a time machine when Doraemon is "off-duty" or to help Doraemon with something. She likes Melon Bread and is afraid of cockroaches, according to the 1989 short film Dorami-chan Mini Dora SOS!!!, although she shows no apparent fear of cockroaches in the last panel of the manga story "Urashima Candy" (collected in vol. 9, chapter 9 of the tankobon, first serialized in the May 1975 issue of Shogakukan BOOK). She is also shown to be a more advanced robot than Doraemon (Dorami is able to produce 10,000 horse power, in comparison to Doraemon's 129.3). Different from her malfunctioned brother, she's the smartest student during her school time, and has better skills in using gadgets. She also has her own spin-off manga. Her boyfriend is Dora the Kid, one of the members of The Doraemons. Her signature color is cobalt yellow.