Doraemon is a robotic cat blue, comes from the 22nd century, went to the 20th century to help Nobita. Born on September 3, 2112. He loved dorayaki. He often helps Nobita when in distress.

The origin of Doraemon is yellow and has ears. Unfortunately, his ears were destroyed when bitten by rats. She was crying and trying to take a liquid to regenerate the ear, but the fluid is wrong and even make the paint fade. He also initially experience an error in the processing of her and as a result he failed to follow the test. He was eventually auctioned off to the lower-class families that Sewashi family, descendants of Nobita.

Doraemon has a phobia of mice, because his ear was bitten by a rat. Doraemon is quite sensitive to the consequences it could be difficult to move if it loses something (like nuts). He also can not stand the cold. To help Nobita usually Doraemon dispensing tool of his magic bag.

According to one version of the story, Doraemon was created by Nobita who is already middle-aged. Many consider dorayaki as the origin of the name of Doraemon. However, it is known from one volume manga that name comes from the Japanese for "wild cats", dora neko, and part emon name which is partly Japanese name ancient times, as seen in Horiemon name. Doraemon's face is round all over his body, including the head, hands and feet are white, red tail.